Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am Pregnant again! AGAIN?

Yup... it's true! There is another baby on the way= 5!

And the #1 question that is on your mind: Did we plan this?

Yes and No. Allow me to explain. I had some complications after Josh (#3) that the doctors told us we would have a more difficult time getting pregnant, so if we wanted more- we should have them sooner rather than later. So we began trying for #4 and 8 months later, we got pregant with Jace. I was thinking, it will take another 8 months or so to get pregnant- thinking it would be a good time around Sept or Oct to find out we are pregnant. But low and behold, 1 month later- Congratulations, we are pregnant! haha... It's funny how things turn out that way.

Here is my first ultrasound of our little grain of rice (5 weeks ago at 7 weeks). We have advanced to about the size of a kidney bean now at 10 weeks. I am 12 weeks though now- almost!

And the 2nd most common question, how am I feeling? I am ok. I don't barf like other women, I just feel like I want to all day. There are certain smells and things that really bother me, but for the most part I am just tired. I do however- hate the smell, feel, and sight of veggie straws, yuck! My kids love them and Jace wants to eat them all day long, but I gag everytime I have to open the bag and pour them out. I don't touch them, but I am getting ill just thinking about it right now.
We are all really excited now, hoping for a girl but will be "ok" if we have yet, another boy! I am actually expecting to see what I have always seen when the time comes to find out. But that is ok! The kids don't like my name for a girl anyhow!
I have gained 4 pounds already- yea! Sad... but I have no one to blame but myself. All I want is sherber, sprite, pie, cookies, bread, carbs carbs carbs! I am hoping to start eating a little healthier soon. I think the only vegetables I have eaten have been in the sushi that I am craving. Yes, I eat sushi when I am pregnant. I figure- Japanese women do it and have had babies for centuries. I love it and won't give it up. Plus, I need to eat better right?
So- now the world knows: The Wagner's are crazy, but are thrilled about the new adventure in their lives!


Jodee said...

if anyone can do it, you can! You guys are amazing parents and have amazing little boys. I am sure the next one will be just as wonderful. We are so happy for you all and miss you tons!

Lemon Family said...

Congrats Becca! I hope you start feeling not so nauseous soon!