Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She is Not Just a Girl... She's a Princess

These are just a few of my favorites of our baby girl. She is already 3 months old and I can't believe it. I received a text message today from my niece teasing me that I need to update my blog... and she was right! It's been a while and I really should have posted something sooner. We are so blessed to have this little girl in our home. She is adored by all of us. Kent started calling her princess shortly after she was born and the nickname has stuck. Joshy even calls her "Princess" when he is talking to her. It's so cute!

She has been such an easy baby so far. I have to say she does take after her mom in atleast one aspect: She loves to sleep! She has basically been sleeping through the night since she was born and even now sleeps for 12-13 hours at night. I love her for that!
She loves to smile and will get this little grin on her face when you talk to her. She is already trying to talk back. She coo's at gurgles. I think she is going to be a typical girl in the fact that she loves to talk too.
Luke has taken a very special interest in her. He comments on how cute she looks in her outfits and what a pretty baby she is. And just this past Sunday, I put a brown bow in her hair and he said "that bow doesn't look right, don't you have another color"? It was the same color as her hair and he wanted the bow to stick out more. Too funny!

We are all enjoying our new little addition and could not even imagine life without our little princess. Besides having a girl now in our home, the rest of life seems to be about the same. Kent is teaching seminary again this year, I am back to my teaching yoga classes, and the boys are as energetic as ever --- life is just good.

Caleb and Luke have recently developed a serious passion for football. They spend hours during the week playing outside with friends and Kent. They got real BYU football jersey uniforms from Santa this year and Luke wears his daily. He gets home from school and changes into his pads and helmet, ready for some tackles- he says. They also have an infatuation with the Colts (because of former BYU wide receiver Austin Collie). The boys got a Colts jersey shirt fron their Grandma for Christmas and Luke has now worn his for the past 3 school days. I told him that he cannot weat it again tomorrow. I am sure his teacher thinks I never do laundry! My living room has turned into a training base where passes are thrown, routes are run and play action never ceases! It's fun most days, except for the occasional banging on my walls and tackles that were a bit too hard.

It's a good life though being a mom of 4 boys and a little princess.


Sister Krista Avance said...

You're Welcome!! Haha thanks:)

Jodee said...

FINALLY!!! She is such a sweet little thing. I love all that dark hair she has! I need to meet her ASAP!!! this is killing me!