Wednesday, March 31, 2010

St. George- Getaway!

This past weekend, Kent and I were able to sneak away and have a night all to ourselves- and a morning of sleeping in! We went up to St. George for a little church concert- Nashville Tribute. We have loved their music since one of my young women introduced me to the band. They are amazing! If you haven't heard them, buy their CDs. They are coming out with a new Tribute to Missionaries soon, which was part of the concert. They are so talented!

The concert was at Tuacahn. Thank goodness we brought blankets and sweat shirts... it got so cold & windy. But nothing that a little snuggle and 2 cups of hot chocolate couldn't fix :)

We had a great time! Thanks Krista for watching them! What are we going to do when you go on your mission? Plus, who is going to want to watch 5 kids? Hopefully someone!


Krista said...

I knew it!!!! Is that your way of announcing because I did see the ultrasound photo in your room, and the date;) So happy for you!!!

Mel said...

My mom would love to watch your kids. She doesn't live near any of her grandkids (sad!) so nephews are the next best thing!

Hats off to you for #5! I am overwhelmed with 3. I'm sending girl vibes your way!

Michelle said...

I noticed that subtle little hint about #5 too. Congrats! How scary about Jace. Glad everything is okay now.

Jill said...

I guess no one else saw the post where you actually announced baby #5.....congrats again.
Thanks for stopping by to see us while you were here.